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My mountain house in Biescas - Huesca
Welcome to the page of my mountain house in the Pyrenean Spanish (concretely Aragonese). In Biescas, province of Huesca, community of Aragón.

Specially dedicated to my friends of Intervac


Biescas, is a small locality of about 1,200 inhabitants to 70 km to the North of Huesca in the region of the High Gállego. It is near Sabiñánigo and Jaca. It has an ample fertile valley, to 880 meters of height, between the mountain ranges of Partacua-Telera and Tendeñera. Biescas is a strategic place, communication axis with the valley of Tena, the Serrablo and the immediate valley of Broto-Ordesa through the highway of Cotefablo ( National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido to 25 km).

It is possible to be considered that in Biescas the splendid Valley of Tena begins. Its ample municipal term extends by Sobremonte, the Earth of Biescas and the Sobreport, absorbing 22 smaller nuclei as Aso, Yosa, Betes, Orós, Oliván, Escuer, Javierre, Barbenuta, Espierre, Ainielle, Susín, Casbas, Búbal and Piedrafita. Excursions in the Tena Valley.

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Gallery of images that illustrate the house (Beam click on each image to visualize it better):

Facade from seat  Facade of the building  Lessee of the vestibule of the house
Living room Closets of the dining room Kitchen
 Bath Dormitory 1  Dormitory 2  
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